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It’s obvious that Mistress Adriana is extremely special to me: if you’ve followed this blog long enough, you’ll know that what I feel for Her is deeper than the common infatuation for a Goddess, as well as this brought me to try things with Her that I have actually never attempted with any individual else prior to.

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Yet why is that?

Naturally, it would be wrong for me to reduce my sensations for Her to simply a single particular, a solitary aspect of Her. But I make sure there is something, one specific thing that anybody that has seen her a minimum of when, discovered and will agree with me on.

Her impeccable dressing design

Each time you visit her video chat, you’ll know that you will be in front of a Lady dressed in an excellent, classy, perfect way. She looks after every little thing till the minimum detail: her hairdo, her makeup, her outfit as well as nylons (of course, always existing), her pricey shoes … and also her earrings as well as locket will be different depending upon the clothing she picks.

This, alone, is something so distinct as well as unusual that will instantly put you at your area: you are inferior. Her power begins getting you as soon as you see Her. With no opportunity to get away.

My last session with Her wasn’t an exception.

For a few days, I’m all alone at home. This, certainly, makes me way more prone to financial dominance, since my instincts can’t be stopped by my lack of privacy. So, a couple of days ago, I was resting at my computer system reviewing the news, when a message on Skype turned up.

” I believe you need to quit doing what you are doing as well as serve me. I understand You can’t say no to me”
It was Goddess Adriana certainly, and also reading those words made my body start to respond in an extremely acquainted method. I required to see Her. I required to be under Her power.

In an issue of minutes, I remained in her chatroom.

As I said above, this had not been an exemption to her remarkable dressing style. She had straight hair, with a few of them dropping partly covering her gorgeous face. Her perfect make-up was made extra intense by the bright red lipstick, while a pair of long earrings matched supremely her face.

As a dress, she had a brief black one with shoelace on her sleeves: what made that dress special was that it left her shoulders in full view. Under that, a pair of Wolford Satin Touch pantyhose as well as Louboutin’s So Kate Patent black.

My eyes virtually bulged when I saw her. I couldn’t shut my mouth and also didn’t also type a word for rather a very long time, making her wonder if I was actually there or otherwise.

She went across as well as uncrossed those countless legs, rubbing them with each other to let me pay attention to the noise of the nylon. Her consistent dangling made the entire scenario even worse for my mind. In a matter of mins, I was absolutely shed. Deeply succumbing to Her, prepared to do anything she was going to ask me. Prepared to ruin her, to offer her, to prayer her in any kind of feasible way.

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In addition to that, she maintained murmuring appealing words as well as regulates during, with such a voice that couldn’t be disregarded. I was wearing headphones, and also it truly felt like I was being hypnotized on purpose by Her. It seemed like she made use of that intonation intentionally, to enter into my mind, even more, to make me also weak as well as helpless.

And also she did well. I invested greater than 600 Euros and, when the session finished, I didn’t regret any one of that. Since every moment spent with Goddess Adriana, is a priceless one.